1964 Chevrolet Impala

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/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_21.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_22.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_23.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_24.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_25.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_26.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_27.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_28.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_29.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_30.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_31.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_32.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_33.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_34.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_35.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_36.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_37.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_38.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_39.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_40.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_41.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_42.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_43.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_44.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_45.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_46.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_47.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_48.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_49.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_50.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_51.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_52.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_53.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_54.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_55.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_56.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_57.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_58.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_59.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_60.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_61.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_62.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_63.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_64.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_65.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_66.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_67.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_68.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_71.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_72.jpg
/images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_73.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_74.jpg /images/vehicleimg/11047/11047_75.jpg

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"I just completed the purchase of a 41 Buick Century. Drove 250 miles to see it, and found the car 99% as described. Being an experienced collector (50+ cars) and Buick specialist and National Judge, that is a pretty amazing percentage. No disappointment AT ALL! Bought it on Monday, all paperwork was handled quickly and professionally, with delivery to my home by Friday. I was extremely well informed the whole way by email, phone and text. I don't even have a suggestion for anything to improve on this transaction. Having bought many cars, from many sources, the most refreshing part was the lack of pretention. No coats, ties, flowery descriptions, distractions, or silly promises. We were just two car guys, a seller and a buyer, letting the car speak for itself. I met many of the other staff as we closed the deal and all were the same, guys I would welcome any time in my shop to talk cars like they welcomed me into theirs. My only warning to potential visitors, leave your wife and/or girlfriend at home. Mine fell in love with an early Cutlass and I may have to go back sooner than I expected. Sighhhh. "
-Mark B, St. Louis MO 1941 Buick Century Fastback
"Thanks for selling me the 69 Z28. I was nervous buying a car site unseen. Your recommendation for a mechanic to evaluate the car was spot on. The Camaro arrived as expected. The delivery driver was also a mechanic, and he loved the car. He spent 15min going over the car with me. The car is gorgeous and immaculate! I have already gotten multiple compliments about the Camaro. We finally got some nice weather and I can drive the Camaro. I am calling the car "The Blue Beast"! It is really fun and fast. It took me several rides to get used to the stiff clutch pedal. What a ride! Thanks again "
-Paul D., Erie PA 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28